Robot That Gives Me Nightmares

My friend Alex at Team Kane St. posted this a while ago, and I've watched it probably about a hundred times. It's really creepy for a variety of reasons:

1. It looks like some kind of bizarre genetic hybrid animal from the Island of Dr. Moraeu.
2. It seems to have a relentless will.
3. It annoyingly buzzes like a chainsaw and is hard not to imagine it in a bad Steve King movie. Then again, it's not as annoying as Jude Law (aka...Gigolo Joe) in AI.
4. And most of all, this feels like a step towards some realistic AI. In "On Intelligence," Jeff Hawkins talks about the pitfalls of current artificial intelligence technology, namely that it cannot anticipate or be flexible past its programming. The slow-mo shots underscore its ability to adjust on the fly, freaky.

(BONUS, parody video of the one below here, really really funny.)


Adam said...

Jesus - I can't watch that. It looks like the dog-thing that came out of the pod in one of Brundle's experiments in The Fly 2.

Your new blog rules, by the way.

gabe said...

That's amazing, I just watched the first Fly again last weekend (such a classic), and you're totally right, it's really Brundleflyesque.

I hope you've seen the parody video of this. Too funny.