Sometimes I Wish I Could Be Clive Wearing

But generally not. This story is mind boggling. This man has a consciousness of about 10 seconds. Clive Wearing was left with an inability to store new memories. His older memories are also patchy, but he can remember his wife and many of his music compositions (he was a composer before his brain deficit, and can still somehow lead a choir despite his 10-second consciousness). He had a bout of encephalitis, which basically destroyed his hippocampus (the brain structure responsible for encoding long term memories). You can see in the video how excited he is to see his wife almost EVERY time he sees her because it's as if it's been years since he saw her last.

Given this state of consciousness, he is constantly talking about "NOW" and that he's been asleep his whole life except for now, and continues to manically state it every chance he gets.

This kind of amnesia is romanticized in movies (like the absurdly hollow documentary "Unknown White Male") but you can see how clearly torturous it must be.

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