The Singularity University is Near

I'm very seriously considering considering this.

To be housed at Nasa’s Ames Research Center, a stone’s-throw from the Googleplex, the Singularity University will offer courses on biotechnology, nano-technology and artificial intelligence.

The so-called “singularity” is a theorised period of rapid technological progress in the near future. Mr Kurzweil, an American inventor, popularised the term in his 2005 book “The Singularity is Near”.

Proponents say that during the singularity, machines will be able to improve themselves using artificial intelligence and that smarter-than-human computers will solve problems including energy scarcity, climate change and hunger.

Yet many critics call the singularity dangerous. Some worry that a malicious artificial intelligence might annihilate the human race.

Science fiction coming faster than we think...


Circe said...

How bizarre; the name Kurzweil seemed to ring a bell... it's the name of a character in the X-Files movie! So science fiction meets science faction meets science... you get the picture. And apparently someone has already blogged about it here:


Hope I'm not bugging you! Carry on with the fascinating work! Cheers!

gabe said...

Bugging? If this is bugging, I hope to be perpetually bothered ;).

I didn't know about the kurzweil/x-files connections, but i can't say I'm surprised either. I think he's my favorite lunatic genius.

Thanks for the kind words!