Doctors Banning Pharma Reps

One of my absolute favorite blogs, Philip Dawdy is one of the few journalists I've read that understands the horrible anti-depressant industry - from their missing data, to their aggressive, careless marketing.

In his bio he talks about his history with manic depression (or as my father, a psychiatrist I think Mr. Dawdy would like has repeatedly reminded me, bipolar disorder is an insensitive title, "people aren't batteries," he says - here here). He expounds daily on the state of mental health care in the US over the last 20 years. I'll be posting a lot about the pitfalls of anti-deps, so I'm sure I'll be referring to his work frequently.

Back to the original point of this post - this one doctor, finally fed up with reps for the popular anti-depressant, Seroquel (now being prescribed for manic depression) has banned all pharma reps from his office. Bravo, doctor.

(Despite my struggles to find a consistent source of income, I'm so glad I never gave into becoming a drug rep coming out of college armed with a neuroscience degree. Bravo...me)

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