When Science Goes Wrong...Irony Warning!

Here is an interview from The Daily Show with Simon LeVay, a neuroscientist whose study I referenced in my senior thesis about the biological causality of sexual orientation. He wrote a book called "When Science Goes Wrong," which is ironic given his study showing structural brain difference between gay and straight men was riddled with confounding holes. (If you're wondering, the brains of the gay patients he studied all died of AIDS, and the specific type of behavior linked to homosexuality was never operationally defined. Oh, and LeVay himself is gay).

Speaking of holes, they address the super collider project going on that is now scaring the masses into believing that once this new accellerator is turned on, it will create a black hole that will devour the earth, or a strangelet that will create a sort of sludge matter that will also destroy the earth. It's not much of an interview, and it's ironic that a guy so off base with his own studies would write a book about bad science. Just a nice example of science irony I guess.

The Daily Show interview was giving me trouble, so I linked to it above and here. Posted a cool piece from a great blogger lady interviewing people about the possible black hole.


Adam said...

Um, I think we both know why you embedded that Mob Logic video.

I also think creating a black hole that ate the earth would be, without a doubt, my first choice for armageddon.

gabe said...

Is there something wrong with adorable blog reporters? Not to my knowledge there isn't. A girl talking about black holes is basically my dream date.

I couldn't agree more, I'm really pulling for the black hole armageddon. One, it would be cool if we at least had a few seconds to watch it go down. Two, it's really better than a nuclear winter, or some gross cholera X 10 like disease wiping out the human race.

Black holes are so neat. One little dot, and it's over, NO MESS!