More Random Marketing of Anti-depressants

From Furious Seasons:

"This is certainly a fabulous Friday for pharma execs in the land. Abilify gets approved for kids this morning and this afternoon we learn that the FDA just approved Pristiq for depression. The drug is made by Wyeth and is essentially a rejiggered Effexor, only this one was originally developed to help women with hot flashes. You know Wyeth is going to give this drug a huge roll out since Effexor goes off-patent fairly soon and I'm sure that the made-for-hot-flashes-but-good-for-depression sales pitch is going to work wonders with men and women of every age."

Classic. I use to work at a clinical research organization that ran clinical trials on Meridia. Originally marketed as an anti-depressant, the drug struggled for an identity in the crowded playing field. After searching for trends in the data, they noticed people lost weight while on the drug. And lo and behold, a new psychotropic weight loss drug hits the market. This drug isn't just an SSRI, it prevents reuptake of dopamine and norepinephrine as well. Oh, and Monica Lewinsky was hired as the spokesperson.

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