Fighting the Curse

As a Red Sox fan, I was all for the burial of a Sox jersey in the foundation of the new Yankee Stadium, which sent the new generation of Crazy Monkey Steinbrenner (Hank Steinbrenner, son of George) to flip out. Unfortunately, they actually found the jersey, effectively lifting the potential curse.

I'm against all kinds of magical thinking, but I've admittedly been guilty of believing in the curse of the Bambino most of my child and adult life (very hard not to when watching the '86 World Series and the 2003 ALCS). I'd say I've been guilty of it up until 2004 when the curse and the belief in such silly baseball ghosts finally began to dissipate.

So it's unfortunate that the Sox fan construction worker that planted the jersey was also a magical thinker, or he would have been smart enough to simply lie that he actually did it, causing Hank and the rest of the Yankee fan monkeys to perpetuate the myth of the "unfound" Sox jersey in the bowels of the newly cursed Yankee Stadium. Too bad...

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